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Tim Frost's Website

Tim Frost
Tim Frost
Tim Frost

About me

My name is Tim Frost and I am 29 years old. I grew up in a town near of Hannover (northern Germany), where I finished 2010 my science-oriented academic high school diploma. After I worked in different fields to prove my abilities. During the first year after high school, I successfully finished an education to paramedic. I accomplished a lot of internships in different fields in medical supply at germany e.g. prehospital emergency medicine, radiology, anesthesia, cardiology and psychiatrie. In some of those medical specializations I have improved my knowledge through self studies. Beside that I studied for one year, I worked as volunteer in Tanzania (see below), I participated in various internships and I was employed for 6 month. Currently I am student again.

Volunteering in Tanzania

Between the year 2013 and 2014 I lived and worked as a volunteer for one year in Himo (Tanzania), where I worked at the Kilacha Production- and Trainingcentre. There I helped my project with the creation of a homepage. Furthermore I assisted the staff of the Kilacha Dispensary with the drug spending and I teached students of the Kilacha College in computer science. During my leisure I spend a lot of time to learn something about the east african nature and wildlife, which is suffering under serious problems. Exemplary I can mention that around 96 african elephants are murdered every day. Reasons are the massive poaching for ivory and local habitat conflicts between human being and wildlife ("Human-Wildlife Conflict").

About Photography

At the beginning of 2012 I decided to buy a DSLR, in order to turn my passion for wildlife and photography into real hobby. I started with the photography of insects (macro photography). But most interesting to me is the photography of the african wildlife. During my leisure I spend a lot of time to learn more about the east african nature and its wildlife. Regarding the wildlife problems, I try to be up to date through several contacts in Tanzania and Kenya. For the future I plan more stays in those countries.

If I have aroused your interest with my photographic focus, then just have a look into my gallery.