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Gallery of Wildlife Photography

Since April 2012, the photography of our nature has been one of my new hobbies. I started with a Canon DSLR and a macro lens with which I want to capture the details of insects.

Especially the wildlife photography in african countries fascinated me much. During a one year volunteering in Tanzania I found some time to deal intensively with the east african nature there. Unfortunately I had to realise that the wildlife is massive threatened by humans. Reasons are poaching (e.g. ivory, timber, bushmeat) and the "Human-Wildlife Conflict" (local habitat conflicts). The black rhinoceros is nearly extinct and the african elephant will be the next animal on the list. But it is wrong to give only african people the responsibility for the wildlife crimes because it is a global problem! For example the worldwide ivory demand is still high. For the future I will plan more stays in Tanzania and in the neighbour country Kenya, where I would like to get involved in wildlife conservation projects.

It′s important for me, that all photographed creatures live and are as undisturbed as possible in their natural living environment. All my pictures of animals have been photographed in the wild and not in the captivity. You won′t find studio shots and focus stacked images. Many of my images were postprocessed with the software Lightroom.

Have fun while looking into my gallery.

Features of the Gallery

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