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General Informations

Dear visitors, dear prospectives,
under the menupoint "Volunteering in Africa" you are able to get informations about my activities during my developmental voluntary service. I am one of the volunteers of the voluntary programm "weltwärts" of the "Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development" in Germany. This program facilitate that young people are able to go abroad participating in developmental policy engagement. Responsible for the organisation, coordination and care are the so called sending organisations, where interested people can apply. My sending organisation is "IN VIA Cologne". During my application process they gave me the options between two different projects. I opted for the project "Kilacha Production- and Training Centers" in Himo (Tanzania). After two seminars in Germany I started my journey to Tanzania from the Frankfurt International Airport on the first of september 2013.

Himo & Tanzania

Map of East Africa The town Himo is located in the north east of Tanzania (East Africa) and is part of the Kilimanjaro Region. The next bigger town here is Moshi and is around 30 km away from Himo. According to the german deffinition of towns Himo will be a small town, although it looks more like a village because the people are more scattered over a large area. The habitants of Himo financially belong to the poorest people in Tanzania and they predominantly living out of trade and agriculture. At the moment in Himo is one small supermarket and a big market two times a week, where food and other stuff will be sold. But when something is needed I went mostly to a so called duka (small shop), where you can buy all the things for daily life like bread or eggs. Every day it is possible to have a power breakup in Himo. This happens often in times when the water is running out, because in Tanzania current will be mainly produced by hydropower. Also water itself is a precious resource and not available too much.

Tanzania is a country in East Africa which is located in the south of Kenia and in the north Mozambique. Die östliche Grenze von Tansania wird vollständig durch den Indischen Ozean umgeben. At the western side of Tanzania you can find the countries (from the north coming) Rwanda, Burundi, The Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia and Malawi. The area of Tanzania is 2.5 times bigger than Germany, but in Tanzania live only the half of the habitants as Germany. The gross domestic product of Tanzania is 200 times smaller than that of Germany. The Capital of Tanzania is Dodoma which lies in the middle of Tanzania. The government seat, the financial centre and biggest town of Tanzania is Dar es Salaam.

(from 2013) Population Area GDP (in US$) GDP (in €) GDP / per capita (in €)
Tansania: ca. 45 Mio. ca. 945.000 km² ca. 28,2 Mrd. ≈ 20,6 Mrd. ≈ 450
Deutschland: ca. 80 Mio. ca. 357.000 km² ca. 3577,0 Mrd. ≈ 2.700,0 Mrd. ≈ 33.750

Landscape, Nature & Culture

Kilimanjaro The Kibo is with a height of 5895m the highest mountain of Africa.

The Kibo is with a height of 5895m the highest mountain of Africa. Tanzania has a considerable nature and is a multicultural country. It is possible to find many different climatic conditions like the icy regions of the Kilimanjaro or the rainforest zones at its slopes. At the coast are white sand beaches and under the water of the Indic Ocean a lot of reefs. Also there a lot of wildlife animals in one of the different national parks or conservation areas. The temperature of the tropic climate is mostly above +20°C. The three countries Uganda/Kenia/Tanzania are seperated by the Victoria Lake, the biggest lake of the african continent. This lake is the third biggest lake in the world after the Caspian Sea (Asia) and the Lake Superior (North America). In the north of Himo extends the Kilimanjaro Mountains which have become World Heritage Site by the UNESCO in 1987. The highest peak of the Kilimanjaro is the Uhuru-Peak (5895m) which is part of Kibo. At the moment this peak is covered with ice and snow, but scientists assume that this can not resist the climatic changes in the world. The climatic changes represent a general problem for the habitants of Tanzania because the needed rain is rare.

Tanzania is the home for more than 120 different ethnical groups and in Tanzania are spoken more than 128 different languages. Official language is Swahili (Kiswahili). The english language is spoken in a lot of schools, universities and research institution. Also the language is used in courts and the financial world.

About the religion spread are not enough informations avaible, because during population censuses people were not be asked about their religion. It is supposed, that there are the same number of christians (40%) than muslims (40%). The remaining 20% of the habitants belive in other religious and faiths.

My Accommodation

From September to December 2014 I have lived together with 6 other volunteers in the former building of the Faraja Hospital. Here we have shared together a bathroom, a kitchen, a sitting room and a garden. Also everyone of us got his own room. For showering we go into a cabine where we pouring water with buckets about us. Also our clothes we wash in bucket. As toilet we use an earth closet. Since January 2014 we live in a new house, because the contract of our former house was not extended. Here the life conditions are quite similar to those we have had in our former house but we do not own a water supply. So we must go everyday to the lokal fountain to collect water with buckets.

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