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Tim Frost's Website

My Project:

Kilacha Production- and Trainingcentre

The "Kilacha Production- and Trainingcentre" is an institution at the end of the Kilimanjaro foothills. The centre is under the direction of the diocese of Moshi and is founded to improve the future chances and the education level of young people in this region. They offer a lot of jobs in the area of agriculture, e.g. milk production and chicken breeding. At the Kilacha centre is also a college with current three different educations. Young tanzanian people will be educated there by about 30 teacher in "Hotel management and Human Nutrition"," Agriculture and Livestock training" and "Tour guide and tourism". Since 2010 there's also a small infirmary where students or workers can be examined or be treated by non-medical personal. In the case of major health diseases there is a hospital in Himo.

My mission as Volunteer

You can't predict my tasks to 100 % before the voluntary service, because I must look, how the project partners in himo will assess me and where I will be employed best. On the basis of my skills and interests, I can also determine, change or set my task priorities a little myself. So it's also possible, that there arise completely new fields of activity.

Basically, the support is provided in the following areas:
  • participation in the infirmary of the college
    • assistance of the staff in investigations, treatments, laboratory and administrative tasks
  • teaching the german language for the students of the hotel management course (possibly in team with another volunteer)
    • goal: teach the students in basic language skills, so that they can carry out simple conversations with tourists
  • Participation in events and festivals of Kilacha Production and Training Center
  • Participation during practical work in agriculture
  • optional: setting up the school library of the "Holy Childhood Pre-and primaryschool"

My Motivation

After finishing my academic high school diploma in 2010, I have had the great desire to go a year abroad where I wanted to participate in a project. In this way I wanted to see the life of another point view and become acquainted with other cultures, traditions and people. But I didn't feel mature, experienced or suitable enough for such a challenge. And other possibilities to go into another country, I couldn't finance. That was the reason, why I give up my plans in those days.

Now, 3 years later, I feel be more mature. In recent years I could gain insight and experience in a lot of profession. Now I have new knowledge, skills and competences especially in the medical, pharmaceutical sector. Later I want to study human medicine, but current I must wait futher 4 years to get the permission to enrollment, because my high school graduation certificate doesn't consist above 85% top marks. That's why I decided in October 2012 to participate for one year in a development volunteer service.

Why I want to take part in the development volunteer service

  • In order to become acquainted with new cultures and circumstances
  • In order to assist actively a developing nation with my skills and experience  
  • In order to help other people
  • In order to gain experience, which I can exchange with the people in my home country
  • In order to make a contribution to international understanding and against racism

sources: (got up from 04/2013), several e-mails