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My Sending Organisation: IN VIA Cologne e.V.

General Information

IN VIA Cologne is an catholic association for social work for girls and women. It was founded in 1898 under the name „Catholic Girls Protection Society“. Nowadays they take care of youth people, who are exposed to danger of social disadvantage and unfair restrictions during the choosing of an education.

The work of IN VIA is preventatively oriented and based on basis of the christian view to humans. The religion, nationality and the social status doesn't matter. Also the gender isn't important for IN VIA, even though they specialize in female humans.

If you need further information, than you can have a look on the web presents of IN VIA Cologne: (only available in german)

IN VIA and the "weltwärts" program

In the context of the"weltwärts" initiative of the "Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development" in germany, IN VIA gives people a chance, to engage in developmental work abroad. Current there are about 30 volunteers per year, who are send to different countries. The projects are located in educational institutions (schools) or in medical care (hospitals). There are also a few environmental and nature projects.

The countries of operation are:

  • in South America: Argentina, Nicaragua and Chile
  • in Africa: South Africa, Uganda and Tanzania

If you want more information about the IN VIA "weltwärts" programm, than click here ... (only available in german)
If you want more information about the application process for the IN VIA "weltwärts" programm, than click here ... (only available in german)

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