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weltwärts? What's that?

"weltwärts" is the developmental voluntary service of the Federal Republic of Germany, which was founded by the "Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development" in 2007. Volunteers who want to be part of this initiative don't need specific work experience and most of the expenses (max. 75 %) will be paid by german taxes. So it will be possible for many young people in the age between 18 to 28 to go for six to 24 month abroad, where they can participate in intercultural exchange. Most of the volunteers go for one year into a developmental country after they finished their high school graduation. But you will also find people, who finished their education or bachelor/master thesis.

The slogan of the voluntary service is „Learning by Helping“.

There exist a few "sending-organisations", who take the liability of the complete organisation of the volunteer program. Candidates who are interested in the "weltwärts" program, will apply there. My sending-origanisation called "IN VIA Cologne e.V." (more information)

If you need more informations about the "weltwärts" initiative, then take a look on their homepage (only available in german)

Countries of Operation

Currently, volunteers can be sent into 77 countries on the whole world.

  • 27 countries in Africa (e.g. Ivory Coast, Kenya, Namibia and South Africa)
  • 22 countries in Asia (e.g. India, Laos, Vietnam and the Palestinian Territories)
  • 10 countries in Europe (e.g. Kosovo, Ukraine, Turkey and Belarus)
  • 15 countries in Latin America (e.g. Brazil, Costa Rica, Ecuador and Nicaragua)
  • 3 countries in Oceania (Fiji, Kiribati and Papua New Guinea)

For communication it will be necessary, that the volunteers speak one of the main languages of the host country (mostly english or spanish). Special national languages aren't necessary to know beforehand, but it is expected, that they learn one of these independently when they are abroad.

More information about the projects and priorities can you find on the project-table of "weltwärts" (only available in german).


In difference to other volunteer-programs, most of the expenses of "weltwärts" will be paid by taxes of the Federal Republic of Germany (max. 75%). The remaining cost will be paid by the sending-organisations (in my case IN Via Cologne). Because of the fact, that a lot of organisations can't cover the remaining costs, the volunteers need to establish an supporting group, who donate for their mission. The supporting group is also a very good possibility for volunteers, to share their experiences with the society and assume the role of an multiplicator.

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